Skiing 2008 & stuff

Kim and I just got back from a week of skiing up in Utah. We had a great time. The weather was generally very cooperative – tons of snow already on the ground and several days of snow, mixed in with some days of sun. It made for a good variety of ski conditions, from powder to packed.
We also took some time to do a bit of snowshoeing, including an evening hike with some friends and a short hike to dinner in mongolian style yurt, where the food was excellent.
More skiing pics are here.


Other than skiing the new year has generally been slow, not much going on except for work. We did take a quick weekend trip down to Kartchner Caverns outside of Tucson. It’s not as big as Carlsbad, but had some really amazing formations to see. They’ve definitely gone through a lot of trouble to ensure that the cave survives it’s many visitors without too much disturbance. Really worth a visit.

Weather in Phoenix has been nice, actually managed to have some cool and cloudy days – even a bit of rain to match. Here’s an unusual picture – the montain behind our condo, covered in clouds.

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