Red Bull Air Races

Spent a long weekend in San Diego at the Red Bull Air Races. We decided to go on a whim and it turned out to be a huge bit of fun (aside from the sunburn). We had VIP tickets which was definitely worth it – huge buffet, open bar and harbor side seating to the race.
The race itself was very cool – seeing these little planes zipping around the course, pulling tight turns between the pylons was a lot of fun. We’ll be going again in 2009 as well.
We managed to spend a bit of time flying kites at the park as well, which is always fun.
Ended up back in San Diego a couple weeks later to watch Firewater in concert which was a great show. Sadly most of the people at the show were just there to see the opening acts, and pretty apathetic about Firewater.
Pictures of San Diego are here.


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