Zion & Bryce National Parks

Kim & I took a trip through Zion & Bryce National Parks. Unfortunately, as with Wyoming the weather wasn’t exactly cooperative. We arrived in Zion to find it raining, and our tent with a leak – which didn’t exactly amuse us. Fortunately the scenery more than made up for the damp, and we enjoyed a couple of days exploring all the famous sights in the park. We’re looking forward to returning to hike thorugh the whole of the narrows at some point.
After Zion we moved up to Bryce National Park, which while fabulous, wasn’t as stunning as Zion. The temperature in Bryce was notable cooler than Zion, and we only stayed for a single night. After Bryce we moved up to Salt Lake to visit friends and enjoy a few nights at Solitude Resort. It was very interesting to see the resort in the summer, with no snow on the ground.
Pictures are here.


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