Cowboy Junkies

Got to see the Cowboy Junkies at the Mesa Arts Center on Tuesday night. I’ve seen them several times before, and was definitely excited to see them again – even though there hasn’t been a new album since the previous show I saw last year.

The Ikeda Theater at the Mesa Arts Center is fairly large – seating 1600, though it seems like more. I’ve attended some lectures there previously and enjoyed the venue. After the concert though, I’m not convinced it’s the best venue for musical acts. The sound was a bit hollow to me, though at least the sound guys did a better job than the previous show in Tucson. The crowd and the band were both very mellow – much more than any previous show I’ve seen them at. I was also a little disappointed that the set seemed pretty short, with no encore as they had another band following them.

On the plus side, got to hear a track of a forthcoming album that sounded great, along with a really nice Neil Young cover.

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