Some sliders on the 4Runner

Finally got some sliders for Kim’s 4Runner. After getting stopped on the way to Copper Creek we decided we needed to get a little armor on it – nothing over the top, as it’s a daily driver and not a dedicated off road rig. Took it down to Globe yesterday to the guy who’s working on my FJ40, he makes sliders for the FJ Cruisers and these are basically a longer version of those, though with a different mounting system. The 4Runner requires a really long slider – 70″ vs 58″-ish for the FJ Cruiser. So while the FJ Cruiser slider just bolts up, he came up with a different mounting system for the 4Runners. It uses a separate plate that welds to the frame, with slotted mounts for the slider to bolt on to. Makes them relatively easy to remove for maintenance needed (if we ended up doing a body lift installed for example).

Need to pick up the skid plates next week and get those bolted on. Next step will the be the suspension, probably this fall some time.

Here’s some pics –

The mount plate:

The sliders – just out of powdercoating:

Plate welded on:

Plate painted:

Slider bolted on:

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