FJ40 almost done!

Took a trip out to check on the progress of my FJ40 – the good news is that it’s almost done! Actually got to take it for a spin around the block – amazing how much better it rides now. The power brakes and steering make for a heck of a different feel. The ride is a llittle nicer and softer as well. The shackle reversal and removal of a leaft from the front spring packs probably helps a bit in that regard.

Everything looks great – the dual battery setup & compressor were installed very cleanly with brackets fabricated for them. A bracket was also fabricated for the ARB & battery switches inside the cab – which looks great.

Just a few little things left to do – some gauges need tweaking, some new marker lights installed, the additional gas tank plumbed and an additional hookup for the ARB compressor installed. Should be ready to pick up in a couple of weeks.

2 comments to FJ40 almost done!

  • William

    Did you add a snorkel, if so how did you set up with this aircleaner. I have the same one and safari doesnt seem to have any answers

  • Jeremy

    No, I did not add a snorkel. Probably about the only piece of kit I didn’t have bolted on to my FJ40. Sorry – don’t have any advice on this.

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