Box Canyon of the Hassayampa & Stanton, AZ

Took a quick half-day run out to the Wickenburg area today. Started by running up the Hassayampa Riverbed through the slot/box canyon area. Hadn’t been up there before and while short and not terribly challenging it’s a very pretty area and made for a nice little morning drive. After getting turned around a little we continued on through mining country to the ghost towns of Octave, Weaver and Staton. Not much left of any of them really – Octave isnt’ really accessible  and we got warned out of an area of mining trails by a nice, but annoyed steward. All that’s left of Weaver is the ruins of the post office and an old cemetary. Stanton, which has interesting and bloody history, is now part of a RV Park, run by the Lost Dutchman Mining Association.

Overall, the ghost town isn’t hugely pretty and the inhabitants aren’t terribly friendly – but it still made for a nice little drive. Popped out in Wickenburg and had a nice lunch at Anita’s Cocina – good and relatively cheap Mexican food.

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