Table Mesa/New River Canyon Run

Took a short, simple run through New River Canyon today. Left from I17 & Table Mesa Road heading east, along with some other club members – another 4Runner, a FJ Cruiser and an 80. Almost immediately ran into a couple of kids in a CJ7 that had gotten themselves into a minor predicament, with the vehicle on three wheels and threatening to tip. One of the club members was nice enough to lend a hand, and a tow strap, to pull them out. The rest of the run through the canyon was nice, if uneventful. Recent rains have definitely opened up the wash crossings a bit – making them more sandy than rocky.

Traffic was generally light for a nice weekend – with just a couple small groups of quads on the trails.

Took a short run up the Big Maggie May trail on the way back towards Seven Spring. Nice, but short trail, that no one in the group had been on before. It winds through the hills to an old cabin – possibly used for mining. All that’s left of the cabin is the rock walls at this point – the roof and trees in the area having burned at some point in the last few years.

Came out via Seven Springs to Carefree and had a nice lunch & margaritas at Carefree Station before heading home.

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