Bulldog Canyon

Had a nice daytrip through the Bulldog Canyon area with the AZLCA. Wasn’t much in the way of a challenge, but was a beautiful day and the scenery was spectacular. Followed up the the trail, but a nice lunch at Tortilla Flat – which was crowded as always during high season.

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Sunflower Mine Run

Took a run up to Sunflower Mine today a good group of folks from Copper State and Camelback Toyota. Had a few Jeeps, a 4Runner, a Minitruck, a FJ Cruiser a bunch of 80 series and my 40. Trail was a little rougher than I expected, and we had a little carnage along the […]

FJ40 almost done!

Took a trip out to check on the progress of my FJ40 – the good news is that it’s almost done! Actually got to take it for a spin around the block – amazing how much better it rides now. The power brakes and steering make for a heck of a different feel. The […]

Some sliders on the 4Runner

Finally got some sliders for Kim’s 4Runner. After getting stopped on the way to Copper Creek we decided we needed to get a little armor on it – nothing over the top, as it’s a daily driver and not a dedicated off road rig. Took it down to Globe yesterday to the guy who’s […]

FJ40 rebuild continues…

Checked in on the FJ40 this weekend and got to see the state of the progress. The Saginaw power-steering box has been mounted, the brake booster installed, a shackle reversal put in place and a new steering column mounted. Still a few things on the check list, but a lot of the major things […]

FJ40, still in the shop…

Work on the FJ40 continues – the steering column is out now, to replaced by a later model one. This is more than I wanted to do, but it solves a few problems: the horn that randomly goes off, the busted up steering wheel and the goofy turn indicator switch. Front shock mounts have […]

A short trip through Box Canyon

Rode along with the Land Cruiser club on an outing through Box Canyon to the Coke Ovens. Really beautiful scenery. Unfortunately we encountered an injured ATV rider and that kind of put an early end to our run. Fortunately one of the club members used to be a paramedic and was able to assist […]

FJ40 - Back in the Shop

After a minor FJ40 disaster last spring, it’s finally back in the shop getting sorted out. Fortunately, this time the guy doing the work actually knows what’s he’s doing.

The short version of the whole story is that the cruiser was purchased in Dec of 2007. I’ll admit to not knowing enough as I […]

A little fourwheeling

Back in December of 2007 I purchased the SUV I’ve always wanted, a vintage Toyota Land Cuiser, FJ40. This 1969 Land Cruiser was exactly what I was looking for. Of course not knowing a lot about cars, it wasn’t in the condition that expected it to be. After some money and time spent getting […]