Getting a grip…

New grips for my Sig P229 and Spyderco Leafstorm anyway.

KMW .338 Lapua Mag – New Toy!

My patience has finally paid off, a call from my dealer a few days ago let me know my long awaited long range grail had finally arrived.

Terry Cross from KMW Long Range Solutions built up this .338 Lapua Magnum. I picked Terry based on numerous recommendations from people I trust, and it looks […]

Tactics Precision Rifle Challenge

This past weekend I helped out as a range officer for the Tactics Precision Rifle Challenge.

For the past few months I’ve been shooting some local precision rifle matches with a great group of guys here in Phoenix. They’d been planning a big national level match and need some volunteers to help out spotting […]

Carbine Class – Fun Shooting

Took a 2-day carbine class from LMS Defense in March. Class size was small, if I recall there were 4 other students besides myself. While it wasn’t the most organized class I’ve ever taken, the speed was about right for me (read: pretty slow), and I gathered a lot of good informationi from the […]

Bruce Bump’s Deadwood – finished

It’s finally done. Well, almost. The cut n’ shoot that Bruce has been working on for about a year now is finished. The accessories are still being pulled together, but the pistol itself is finally finished. And it looks gorgeous. The attention to detail by Bruce, and Jere Davidson (who did the engraving) and […]

Deadwood – Reno Show Update

The cut ‘n shoot that Bruce Bump is building for me is getting closer to completion – when I last posted about it, the fabrication was pretty much done. At the annual ABS Reno show this past January, Bruce had Deadwood on-hand to show off. The ivory scales have been added and it’s ready for […]

Bruce Bump’s Deadwood

In May of 2006 I commissioned a cut ‘n shoot – pistol-knife from Bruce Bump. I got a look at his work when put together an amazing axe-rifle combination that just defied description in regards to the amount of detail involved. I contacted Bruce and we started discussing the pistol-knives he does. They are […]