Deer Hunting

Managed to get up to Wyoming again this year for deer hunting. Sandwiched the trip between two weeks of IT training, which made for a nice break.

Saw a bunch of whitetail and mulies as usual – but nothing particularly special. Did end up taking a nice 4×4, though if I’d had a little […]

2010’s Whitetail back from the taxidermist

Got my 2010 Whitetail back from the taxidermist this past week. Just had a simple European mount done, which turned out pretty good. Not a monster deer, but kind of an unusual rack which makes for a nice looking mount.

Successful deer hunt!

Went to Wyoming for a deer hunt with my Dad and his two brothers, one of his brother-in-laws this month. It was my first time hunting in Wyoming in a long while. Turned out to be a great hunt – we were hosted by one of my aunts and her husband on their ranch […]

Back from ‘The Last Frontier’

Just got back from a week in Alaska, hunting Dall Sheep in the Chugach Mountains. It was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life – rugged, difficult terrain and wet, cold weather. Lots of miles, and lots of climbing, but I did come home with my ram!
Not a record setting ram, but a great 9-10 year old, 38 1/2″ sheep – really a nice looking animal.
Jeremy, right after getting his Dall Sheep
Rest of the pictures are here.
I pushed myself well beyond what I thought my limits were and managed to survive.
The country in the Chugach Mountains where I was hunting is stunningly beautiful, and very rugged. The parts that aren’t vertical and rocky are marshy and muddy.
I ended up having to cover a lot more distance than I anticipated – the first day being 18 miles, and the last day close to 25, with full packs.
For all my effort though I was rewarded, and did end up taking a beautiful ram.I only had to go about 3/4 of the way up the mountain, but still left my legs shredded. The guides I was with, Shane and Johnny were great – really enthusiastic, tough as can be and very knowledgeable about the country and the sheep in it.
While on the one hand it would have been nice to spend more time in the backcountry, it was probably for the best I got my sheep relatively early as I was hurting bad enough as it was.
It was just an amazing trip – looking out my apartment window at North Mountain here it doesn’t look nearly as big anymore.
I hope to be able to hunt it again in the future. Read on for more detail on the hunt.

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