Pinnacle Nissan – Why People Hate Car Dealers

What the hell is up with car salesmen? Do the stereotypical bullshit agressive sales tactics they employ really work on people?

Walked in to Pinnacle Nissan today to look at a 350Z they had advertised. At first they claimed it was sold but they had another one – which turned out to be an […]

New Suspension on the 4Runner

Installed a new OME suspension on Kim’s 4Runner to get a little lift and some better offroad handling. Her brother was nice enough to do most the work, since he’s pretty handy with cars. She has a V6 SR5, and we put the OME 885 springs with 90000 shocks on the front – which […]

Seen at Frys Electronics

We need energy drinks for the Twilight set?


Had a great time in the Great Basin – one of the highlights was stargazing through our Celestron NexStar 6SE telescope from the Wheeler’s Peak campground. Jupiter was a particular highlight after it rose – giving us great views of the planet (including some banding) along with four of it’s moons.

Here’s an ugly […]

Joke of the day…

A cop pulls a car over, and after looking at the driver’s license says “I noticed you were driving erratically. Do you mind if I search your car?” The driver gives him permission. After searching, he comes back to the driver’s window. “Dr. Schrodinger, are you aware that there’s a dead cat in your […]

‘Jack’-O-Lantern & Zero too

Halloween Pumpkins – Jack & his dog Zero.

Locative Art… Kind of…

In William Gibson’s book ‘Spook Country’ he uses locative art as a minor plot device. Locative art in the simplest terms being the melding of GPS & virtual reality technology to make tie virtual artworks to specific geographic locations.

While an interesting idea, it’s impact in terms of art is questionable in my mind […]

Upgraded to MovableType 4

Having some issues, hope to have them purchase resolved soon…

An underwater year…

A lot of interesting investing opportunties this year are underwater. And I’m not just talking about the recent minor correction in the markets. Already this year I’ve looked at a company that aims to make money by converting wave energy into electricity and an underwater logging company. This week in the spotlight is […]

A spider silk coat?

No, not a Spyder coat. A recent article in wired magazine about pharming in Wired magazine brought to mind a topic that I’ve been meaning to write about for a while. Spider silk, as an advanced textile. Spider silk it turns out is ounce per ounce one of the strongest natural materials in the […]