Sheep Bridge, March 2012

Took a run out to Sheep Bridge with the Arizona Land Cruiser Association. Was a nice day for it – sunny, but not too hot. The road from Seven Springs up to Bloody Basin was in good shape – with little washboarding and we made good time. Pressed on to the bridge and enjoyed […]

Bulldog Canyon

Had a nice daytrip through the Bulldog Canyon area with the AZLCA. Wasn’t much in the way of a challenge, but was a beautiful day and the scenery was spectacular. Followed up the the trail, but a nice lunch at Tortilla Flat – which was crowded as always during high season.

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Tip Top Mine

Took a run with the AZLCA to Tip Top Mine. The initial thought had been to work up to Milk Ranch to do a little gold panning and metal detecting. We just weren’t moving that fast though – had to rescue a stranded 4Runner, change a flat on Kim’s 4Runner and had some fuel […]

AZLCA Box & Telegraph Canyons Run

Went out on a nice club run with the AZLCA through Box Canyon, hooking up with the Telegraph Canyon trail and making our way out to Superior. Beautiful weather for the run – sunny, mid-70s and not too windy.

Some minor carnage on the waterfall headed out of Box Canyon in the form of a mangled tailpipe on an FJ Cruiser. Lots of […]

Table Mesa/New River Canyon Run

Took a short, simple run through New River Canyon today. Left from I17 & Table Mesa Road heading east, along with some other club members – another 4Runner, a FJ Cruiser and an 80. Almost immediately ran into a couple of kids in a CJ7 that had gotten themselves into a minor predicament, with […]

Crown King Run

Took a run up to Crown King, riding with Marcel in his newly put  back together FJ40. Had another FJ40, a Toy Truck, a 4Runner and a Jeep along as well. Generally was a nice day with minimal carnage – just a single flat tire. The road from Oro Belle up to Crown King […]