AZLCA Box & Telegraph Canyons Run

Went out on a nice club run with the AZLCA through Box Canyon, hooking up with the Telegraph Canyon trail and making our way out to Superior. Beautiful weather for the run – sunny, mid-70s and not too windy.

Some minor carnage on the waterfall headed out of Box Canyon in the form of a mangled tailpipe on an FJ Cruiser. Lots of […]

Box Canyon of the Hassayampa & Stanton, AZ

Took a quick half-day run out to the Wickenburg area today. Started by running up the Hassayampa Riverbed through the slot/box canyon area. Hadn’t been up there before and while short and not terribly challenging it’s a very pretty area and made for a nice little morning drive. After getting turned around a little […]

A short trip through Box Canyon

Rode along with the Land Cruiser club on an outing through Box Canyon to the Coke Ovens. Really beautiful scenery. Unfortunately we encountered an injured ATV rider and that kind of put an early end to our run. Fortunately one of the club members used to be a paramedic and was able to assist […]