Deer Hunting

Managed to get up to Wyoming again this year for deer hunting. Sandwiched the trip between two weeks of IT training, which made for a nice break.

Saw a bunch of whitetail and mulies as usual – but nothing particularly special. Did end up taking a nice 4×4, though if I’d had a little […]

Successful deer hunt!

Went to Wyoming for a deer hunt with my Dad and his two brothers, one of his brother-in-laws this month. It was my first time hunting in Wyoming in a long while. Turned out to be a great hunt – we were hosted by one of my aunts and her husband on their ranch […]

Muir Family Reunion – Wyoming, August 2009

Had a fun trip to Wyoming in August for the family reunion. Got in to Billings, MT on Saturday and drove down to Buffalo for a BBQ hosted at Mark & Jennie’s place. On Sunday there was a big dinner at the Wagonbox in Story, followed by a trip to Thermopolis and a swim […]

Backpacking in the Bighorns

My brother Alex and I visited Buffalo, Wyoming this September. After spending a couple days visiting with the grandparents and other relatives we set off for a few days in the Bighorn Mountains. Sadly, the weather didn’t exactly cooperate with us this. Being the first week of September it should have been beautiful. Instead […]